Episode 1643 Scott Adams: All of the News is Extra Hilarious and Positive Today. Come Join Me


  • Jeff Zucker kinda genius, diversion narrative
  • Natural gas and nuclear as green energy
  • 2000 Mules movie by Dinesh D’Souza
  • Washougal High School mask rebellion
  • Kids in “Face Cages” reframe
  • Unmasked school kids are felony trespassers?
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Episode 806 Scott Adams: Coming To You From Space Force, Zero Gravity, Coronavirus, Fake News

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  • Amazingly…CNN continues to take quotes out of context,
    • S.E. Cupp mischaracterizing Alan Dershowitz
  • Speculation that Hillary wants to be Biden’s VP
  • Coronavirus virus origins and death speculation
  • 6 additional countries banned from the “Green Card Lottery”

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