Episode 674 Scott Adams: PART2 Impeachment, Defamation, the Panopticon

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  • Nancy Pelosi’s solution: impeachment that isn’t impeachment
    • The government has weaponized impeachment for political gain
    • Donations to Trump have increased…coincidence?
  • Intelligence agencies have blackmail on leaders
    • Are the intelligence agencies running/controlling US?
    • President might be our last legitimate President
  • CVS update, my rant yesterday about their receipt policies
  • John Cook, former Executive Editor of Gawker Media
    • Former Editor-in-Chief of The Intercept
    • Now Investigations Editor for Business insider & Insider.com
    • John Cook’s legally actionable accusation
  • Should I also sue Jezebel for the things they said about me?
  • Update on losing my hearing, sense of smell, sense of taste, wicked allergies, asthma

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