Episode 1074 Scott Adams: Social Media Free Speech, Democrats Become Orange Man Bad, Dumb Antifa

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  • Joe Biden, the Democrats chosen candidate
  • Google search buries content from major outlet, Breitbart
  • Hearing strategy: Don’t allow AG Barr to answer questions
  • Jim Jordan does NOT want regulation of social media?
  • Fake News? CNN’s unconfirmed story of “umbrella guy”
  • Fake News: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes kidnapping claim

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Episode 679 Scott Adams: Presidential Tweet Persuasion, Ukraine and More

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  • Ukraine story continuing to unfold
  • Jake Tapper shreds Jim Jordan over the fired Ukraine guy
  • Elizabeth Warren’s rally at historically black college
  • India’s Modi wants nuclear power…and can’t have it
  • My reasons for promoting nuclear energy
  • Punchy De Niro’s F bombs and lack of reasons
    • A “Lifestyle Resister” managing his brand?
    • Have we moved past a need for reasons?
  • There’s never been a better Presidential communicator
    • Analyzing President Trump’s 3 part whistleblower tweet
  • An argument for allowing transgender athletes to compete
    • Sports are designed to showcase unfairness

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Episode 131: North Korea, MAGA Hat-Grabbers and Mueller


  • Drink throwing hat grabber’s future prospects
  • Press elevating people to destruction levels for profit
  • The press business model primes for confirmation bias
  • Pompeo North Korea denuclearization talks progress
  • Rudy Giuliani says Trump will talk to Mueller…if criminal evidence is shown
  • Giant baby Trump balloon over London vs. Giant London Mayor balloon
  • Elon Musk’s rescue idea for Thai cave kids
  • #Walkaway guy (Brandon Straka) refused camera store service, took high road
  • Proposed DNA test, identity politics and Elizabeth Warren’s brand
  • Opinions based on reading another person’s mind are flawed by definition
  • Jim Jordan allegations are attempt to “execute” him by the press
  • Your political opinions are assigned to you…by the press and your culture


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