Episode 949 Scott Adams: Fun Thoughts Before Bed

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  • Nate Silver, recommended for coronavirus data analysis
  • Smart-City design concept with heat-chimney?

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Episode 434 Scott Adams: LoserThink in the News, From Warmbier to Black Friends, to TDS, to Climate Change



  • “LoserThink” is something even smart people can experience
    • Unproductive thinking by otherwise smart people
  • Van Jones went to CPAC, gave prison reform credit to Republicans 
  • Glenn Greenwald’s observations about Cohen testimony
    • Cohen crushed several fake news stories
    • News is quiet about 2 years of pumping out total BS
  • Joe Walsh LoserThink tweets about Otto Warmbier
  • Truth Filter Suggestion:
    • True news will be on ALL 4 outlets
    • Breitbart, FOX, CNN, MSNBC
  • Whiteboard #1: Goals of the Dems, versus Systems of the GOP
  • @HeadSnipe011 is a must follow Twitter account
    • He reports official government press releases
    • You’ll see the news that the news doesn’t cover
  • Gen IV Nuclear Power is designed to NOT melt down
    • Some designs even use nuclear waste for their fuel
    • Waste from older designs can power Gen IV
  • Bill Gates decisions are based on science
    • His top 10 for THIS YEAR…includes Gen IV
  • Whiteboard #2: Covering the cost of universal healthcare
    • Cutting costs by 9% to cover current uncovered
    • Providing the cost of coverage by expense reduction
  • Is the cost of universal healthcare 32 trillion dollars…or zero?
    • Cost estimates swing from saving money to 32 trillion
    • How can experts be THAT far apart?

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