Episode 1121 Scott Adams: I Explain the “Losing Strategy” of BLM and the Palestinians, a New Black-Only Town, Kurds in the Way

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  • President Trump’s 1st term, most successful of any Presidency
  • Losing strategy examples: BLM and Palestinians
  • Bill Maher: Democrats running cover for looting…bad idea
  • The Atlantic now wants Nobel Peace Prize ended
  • 19 Black families building a Black-Only town from scratch
  • California is embarrassingly anti-science on climate change

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Episode 565 Scott Adams: Limpet Mines, Hatch Act, TDS Recovery


  • Recovered liberal TDS victim, Joshua Lisec, describes his journey
  • Kellyanne Conway, Hatch Act applies or BS? NO freedom of speech?
  • Iranian tanker problems and trusting Secretary of State statements
  • Does President Trump agree? 
  • President Trump and the question of Info from a foreign source
  • Prediction: We did NOT know Russia hacked the DNC
  • Will be public info by end of President Trump’s Presidency 
  • Sarah Sanders and her replacement

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