Episode 406 Scott Adams: Trump Investigation TDS, Political Myths, Joy Behar’s Racism, and Virginia


  • 17 Unnecessary new investigations and Adam Schiff
    • Seems obvious that Dems know Mueller has nothing
    • Mueller is wrapping up, so new harassment begins
  • FEAR: President Trump is crazy, must impeach!
    • REALITY: If they actually believe that…why have they stopped panicking about it?
  • FEAR:Trump will ruin the economy
    • REALITY: Economy is so good, Dems want credit to go to Obama
  • FEAR: Trump will start wars if elected!
    • REALITY: He’s trying to end wars, Congress attempting to block
  • FEAR: Trump will be anti-gay
    • REALITY: He’s the most evolved politician on LGBTQ issues
  • Joy Behar’s blackface photo
  • Late-term abortions are very rare, applies when fetus isn’t viable
    • Northam doesn’t support killing, viable, post-birth babies
    • The law was written badly…and it was defeated

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