Episode 1885 Scott Adams: Let’s Talk About All The Racism And Sexism Against White Men


  • Russian military on brink of collapse
  • Policies that China and Democrats want for America
  • Pell Grant forgiveness?
  • Democrat victories, conceptual and invisible
  • Kamala Harris “considerations of equity”
  • Movie scenes I always fast forward through
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Episode 745 Scott Adams: Trolls, Guns, Idiot Boycotts and More. With Coffee.

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  • What if America and Russia just stopped poking each other?
    • BOTH our countries would benefit, so why not?
  • An example of Loserthink in the wild 
  • Google is being destroyed by its “wokeness” 
  • Boycotts will destroy civilization
  • Troll critics of my interview with Wired
  • Trump campaign says NO Bloomberg press credentials
  • Funny current Presidential tweets
    • “meet the depressed”
    • “mini-Mike Bloomberg”
  • Judd Apatow isn’t allowed to make funny movies anymore
  • Trolls that can’t answer a key question about President Trump…
    • What’s going wrong in the country right now?
  • Deprogramming tips
    • Everything measurable is going well
    • Do things that can NOT be measured, matter? 
  • Narrative pre-framing via IG report leaks
  • Shouldn’t it be a requirement that to criticize someone’s style…
    • …you must have more style than that person?

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Episode 152: Scott Adams Talks About Putin, Lying and Carter Page


  • The media shapes our opinion on topics
  • They’re programming our brains
  • If MSM stopped reporting their opinions, and just reported news…
  • Would we be as divided as we are right now?
  • Gallop poll on American’s priorities is same as President Trump’s
  • James Gunn and Judd Apatow insulting Scott Adams on Twitter


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