Episode 1617 Scott Adams: How to Turn The Trunk of Your Car Into a Quarantine Center, and Lots More


  • Jobs created vs. citizen deaths
  • Chuck Grassley wants Fentanyl to be schedule 1?
  • Whiteboard: 2020 Election Messaging
  • Democrat strategy of blaming other side
  • For lack of transparency and 2020 election
  • Supreme Court justices revealed as uninformed
  • How Republicans can win on immigration

Episode 831 Scott Adams: Bernie’s “Fact Sheet” on Paying for Stuff, Biden, Coronavirus

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  • Justice Sotomayor accuses conservative supremes of bias
  • Anti-Bernie media ramping up
  • Coronavirus, is there something we are NOT being told?
  • Bernie’s “Fact Sheet” needs SIMPLIFICATION
  • What motivates Bernie supporters?
  • “Addict-Town” a place for addicts to live and work

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