Episode 549 Scott Adams: Bipartisanship, Charisma, Hallucinations and Brainwashing

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  • Will Mexico impose immigration controls because of new tariffs?  
  • What happened to Chairman Kim’s former negotiating team?
    • Is it GOOD for future negotiations with President Trump?
  • Bubonic plague is staged to explode in Los Angeles
  • AG Barr doesn’t consider what happened as treason in a legal sense
  • GOOD brainwashing versus BAD brainwashing
  • A guy named “Steve” keeps getting in trouble for talk about “cultures”
    • Don Lemon & Kamau Bell’s interesting discussion on racism
  • AOC and Ted Cruz tweet agreement on a political topic
    • AOC crosses the aisle, has super charisma and raw talent
  • High school sport activities and emotional impact on the kids
  • CNN spinning their explanation of why they were wrong for years