Episode 419 Scott Adams: (Part1) How to Spot a Hoax, Distinguish Good News From Bad and See the Future

Topics (Part 1): 

  • Do US authorities know which Mexican officials are owned by cartels?
    • How hard would it be to find them? Do we already know?
    • Can we confiscate corrupt Mexican officials bank accounts?
  • Larry Elder’s observation about Jussie story
    • Jussie Smollet story outcome is GOOD news
    • Most famous example of racial hate…didn’t happen
      • America is in better shape than we thought
  • Jussie reporting is a DOUBLE HOAX , he never said MAGA hats
    • Oops…he did interview and it’s right there…MAGA hats
    • Changing your opinion is easy when your ego isn’t in the way
  • How to identify a hoax – Whiteboard
    • Anonymous source
    • “Hard to believe” story
    • Other people can’t see it
    • An ordinary explanation fits the facts
    • Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect
      • Physicist noticed news always wrong about physics
      • Realized he should question accuracy of ALL news
      • Rule: The news is wrong about 85% of the time

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