Episode 628 Scott Adams: Stock Predictions, Don Lemon, Ken Cuccinelli, Epstein, Bernie vs Fake News


  • “LoserThink” example1: Obama stock market better than Trump’s
  • “LoserThink” example2: Climate science w/o economics background
  • Flawless high-ground maneuver by Ken Cuccinelli
    • Erin Burnett’s hostile interview vs Ken’s high-ground demeanor
    • You may NEVER see it performed better…must watch
  • LA Times article questions President Trump’s empathy
  • Chris Cillizza says NO bias or content dictated by WaPo
    • That’s a dodge…do you know why? 
  • Life Rule: If 30% of a group will be offended…don’t be a dick
  • Andie Dick severely attacked, lost consciousness, hospitalized
    • Brain damage is forever, it changes people forever
  • BOTH guards fell asleep for hours, then faked the logs?
  • HOAXERS attempt to shift “Fine People” HOAX to something else
  • “LoserThink” example 3: Quin Hillyer article in Washington Examiner
  • THE BATTLE IN PORTLAND: A scheduled Antifa sporting event
    • A televised sporting event in the making
  • Competing stock market indicators
  • China culture requires an unfair deal…or no deal
    • What if we encourage companies…
      • …Leave China, move to South America?
  • Chris Cuomo’s aggressive WORD reaction, and the fact nothing escalated

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