Episode 472 Scott Adams: Biden, Hoaxes, Suing Facebook for Discrimination and CNN Ratings


  • Tucker Carlson “unleashed” is must-watch for last couple weeks
  • Ratings crash at both CNN and MSNBC, a different explanation
  • Trump Admin suing Facebook for housing discrimination
  • Joe Biden’s apology tour condemns “white man’s culture”
  • AOC selling herself as “authentic” via wild arm and hand gestures
    • Her persuasion skillset shines brightly, breaks the mold
  • “Fine people” HOAX, repeated on CNN, Corey Booker town hall
    • No pushback or correction from CNN on his false claims
  • Smollett insists he’s innocent, might sue after all charges dropped
    • Throws Police and his Nigerian friends under the bus
    • Sketchy details coming out about Kim Foxx

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