Episode 384 Scott Adams: The Covington Kids, Kamala Harris and Fake News in General


  • The 48 Hour Rule
    • If someone makes a mistake, and atones for it in the form of a sincere apology, you should accept the apology even if you can’t forgive the person…and move on.
  • Reasons given for not accepting my apology
  • Attack vector on the Covington kids is now shifting
    • Bad behavior at the event (by the children) didn’t exist
    • Left claims: MAGA hats are a known racist symbol
    • Left now looking for bad behavior by the children in the past
  • Jake Tapper interview with Kristen Gillibrand
    • Clearly, CNN has decided Kristen won’t be the candidate
    • A clear pattern is developing, CNN is anointing Kamala
  • How candidates are selected in America (Whiteboard)
    • A few billionaires decide who the candidates will be
    • The media cements those candidates for the public
    • The public then has the ILLUSION of choosing candidates
  • “You should have researched it”…The dumbest statement

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