Episode 284 Scott Adams: How the Country is Divided by its Common Hatred of Hitler, Punchy Baldwin


  • Punchy Biden, Punchy De Niro…and now, Punchy Baldwin
    • Anti-Trump icon…punches guy in the face
  • CNN: Lady suggests boycotting sex to get men to vote Dem
  • Our common hate of Hitler…is what’s dividing us right now?
  • Responding to “laundry list” persuasion where 10×0=banana
  • You don’t have an opinion if you can’t succinctly describe it
    • Finally received succinct answer…why is Soros bad?
  • Great economy…and now wages are going up
  • Don Lemon, is he still just a well meaning critic of President?
  • Watched MSNBC for 10 seconds…it was jaw-dropping
    • Everything is mind-reading and laundry lists
    • CNN is far more “fair and balanced” than MSNBC
  • Fox News clearly labels their news versus opinion people
    • CNN doesn’t clearly separate their news from opinion
    • MSNBC doesn’t seem to have news, just mind-reading opinions

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