Episode 1622 Scott Adams: Let’s Talk About My Vaccination Regrets and Cognitive Blindness. Lots of Persuasion Lessons Today


  • Whiteboard1: Creating Cognitive Blindness
  • Voting rights, a Dem diversionary tactic?
  • Rachel Maddow’s signal words for FAKE News
  • Insurance cost and vaxxx status
  • China’s Omicron options
  • Whiteboard2: My Vaccination Regret

Episode 550 Scott Adams: How to Reprogram Your Brain, and Other People as Well

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  • Laura Ingraham in trouble over a white inferiorist
  • Can technology proactively identify people being radicalized?
  • Passive systems to publicly detect mental health issues
  • Bernie’s new campaign ad pushes “Fine People” HOAX
  • Kanye West on Letterman, says he’s never voted
  • We are programmed in our youth to believe NONSENSE
  • Brainwashing yourself for positive results
  • Rules for programming your own brain to achieve objectives

Episode 174 Scott Adams: The 48-Hour Rule, Charlottesville, Prison Reform and CNN’s Swastika Get


  • The 48 hour rule and Laura Ingraham
  • President Trump’s condemnation of all types of racism and violence
    • Do racists brag about how much they’ve helped minorities?
    • President Trump’s prison reform efforts
  • Any major law change is racist in the outcome
  • Twitter banning and blocking policies
  • North Korea looking for grand gestures from America
  • CNN’s discovery of a swastika on a rural shed surrounded by garbage
  • Who on the right is in favor of Richard Spencer?
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), master persuader potential rising
  • Ben Shapiro debate offer to AOC, her brilliant persuasive response


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