Episode 1502 Scott Adams: Lots of Eclectic and Provocative Content Today That Goes Well With Coffee

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  • General Milley’s response to China call criticism
  • 70% agree Afghanistan was an American humiliation
  • Sleep, #1 health related activity
  • Social media ban for our children
  • Pandemic obesity increase
  • Creepy delight in other teams misery

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Episode 324 Scott Adams: Trade Deals with China, and Nothing Else Interesting


  • US reports that China will close Fentanyl legal loophole!
    • China reports that they will look into it
    • Prediction: China will drag their feet and dangle Fentanyl
  • Trade agreement arc is following the expected psychology
  • We send soy to China…they send us Fentanyl
  • Would you be satisfied if POTUS gets 5B to start the wall?
  • Jerome Corsi suing Mueller for attempting to force him to lie?
  • Laura Loomer, what happened?
  • Shouldn’t the big military powers, form an alliance?
    • US, China, Russia will never attack each other
    • The danger is from the small countries and groups

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