Episode 659 Scott Adams: Coffee Time!


  • Suppression of my “Fine People” HOAX debunking transcript
  • Was Bolton firing a “security guarantee” for NK?
  • Alyssa Milano and Ted Cruz’s CIVIL gun control meeting
  • Is China “getting flexible”?
  • AOC has a 20K student debt…and wants student debt erased?
  • The alleged spy who had to be extracted to be saved
    • Lee Stranahan’s hypothesis checks all the boxes

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Episode 270 Scott Adams: Caravans, Khashoggi, Avenatti


  • Avenatti tweets that the caravan is “obviously a setup”…by GOP
  • Ian Bremmer tweets graph showing countries imprisoning journalists
  • A+ for President Trump’s trade negotiation strategy with China
  • The caravan hits the top two human persuasion triggers
  • Executing the Chinese illegal Fentanyl lab owners
  • Is George Soros an evil guy with bad intentions?

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