Episode 1105 Scott Adams: RNC Night Three, Video HOAXES, Hurricanes and Persuasion, Strategy and Riots

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  • RNC Day 3 review
  • Jack Brewer debunked the “Fine People” HOAX
  • Kenosha shooting details
  • Idolizing criminals and mocking good role models
  • Anderson Cooper and the “drinking bleach” HOAX
  • 4 Steps: How the FAKE NEWS creates their HOAXES

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Episode 634 Scott Adams: #AntiRa, Biden Family Gaffing, Polls, Google Manipulation, The Squad


  • AntiRa…A group for people who are Anti-Racist
    • If you’re anti-racist, you’re a “natural member” of AntiRa
    • If you’re OPPOSED to AntiRa…you’re obviously a racist
  • CNN guest Angela Rye’s reaction to the word “hijack”
    • The growing list of common words that are now unacceptable
  • Google’s alleged vote-shifting bias
    • Isn’t unintentional political bias…still political bias?
  • Culture differences between upstate NY and California
  • Will Biden destroy Obama’s legacy if he’s the candidate?
  • ”The Squad” is really just AOC
    • Interesting CNN coverage for non-AOC squad members
  • Buttigieg has proven…America doesn’t care if our POTUS is gay
  • “Life Strategy” college degree concept
    • Things that work together for super-productivity
    • How employable would you be with a fully loaded talent stack?

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Episode 74: A Lesson in Positive Persuasion and Strategy


  • Whiteboard discussion
  • Positive Persuasion lesson
  • Bad persuasion – Good persuasion
  • Life strategy example and discussion
  • Solutions can be completely unrelated to the problem
  • Oddly specific denials

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