Episode 768 Scott Adams: Pardons, Fixing the So-Called Homeless Problem, Trump Takes on California, Israel

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  • The perfect time to pardon General Flynn and Roger Stone?
  • Stock market up 50% since Trump Presidency began
  • The homeless problem is really a mental health and drug problem
    • NOT a lack of housing problem
  • President Trump, California, Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom
    • Housing FIRST? Exactly backwards, guaranteed to fail
  • Lindsey Vonn’s marriage proposal
  • Kanye’s gospel album and unique spiritual importance
  • Michael Moore’s evil, damaging statement
    • Demonizing groups of people by identity
  • Pete Buttigieg’s policy, no jail time for drug possession
    • Why aren’t we testing this on a small scale?
    • Will it work or fail? ¬†Testing small answers the question
  • Annex of West Bank and Jordan Valley for Israel?
  • The “kids in cages” issue…
    • …What could Obama have done instead of building/using cages?
    • …What can Trump do instead of continuing the Obama solution?

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