Episode 356 Scott Adams: China Trade, Louis C.K., Walls and Climate Debate


  • Louis CK hits the offensive Trifecta
  • Climate change debates least rational feedback
    • Climate change believers don’t act like they believe
  • President Trump’s tweet about the experts deciding border security
    • Border Patrol people aren’t engineers, but their input is key
  • Gordon Chang says China growth may have slowed or is retracting
    • America is more customer than supplier to China
    • Huge trade war advantage for the US
  • North Korea’s nukes were an advantage just a year ago
    • In 2019 they seem more of an enormous money drain
    • They prevent trade advantages and cost a fortune
  • CNN’s  “Walls don’t work” isn’t an opinion…it’s just dumb
    • Walls are friction, friction always changes behavior
  • President Trump’s statement about military pay raise
    • Did he innocently get his facts wrong?
    • It was a mistake, but is it important?
  • The Left cares about “fairness”
    • A subjective standard that can never be achieved

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