Episode 80: North Korea, ZTE and What’s Next


  • When the biggest news is something that DIDN’T happen
  • Spiteful gollums of the media
  • President Trump critics have turned into what they dislike about him
  • Louis Farrakhan comments about fake news attacks directed toward him
  • Only President Trump realized the correct time to show President Kim respect
  • Ego as a tool, nobody does it better than Trump
  • Ego ramp UP…toe to toe insult for insult
  • Ego ramp DOWN…offer respect to achieve mutually desired results for both countries and the world
  • ZTE, what should our opinion be?
  • Contrast principle
  • Leverage is owned by the one who “decides” vs one who only “wants”
  • “Intellectual dark web” vs “free thinkers”
  • Whenhub Interface ICO value and concept
  • UK doesn’t have free speech like the US?
  • Special appearance by Boo the Cat


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