Episode 702 Scott Adams: The Winningest President Ever, The Sim Takes Over, Lots of Loserthink

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  • Steven Crowder reports Google restricting Tulsi in US
  • Angela Merkel says multicultural society efforts have “utterly failed”
  • A list of things where President Trump has been proven correct
  • Hillary’s email server may NOT be a big deal…as I predicted
  • President Trump should push 2 Ukraine call points
    1. It’s his job
    2. It was his top priority
  • Republicans clever response to Tayler’s secret testimony
  • Words that work well together…”Do Nothing Dems”
  • Joe Biden is going UP in the polls?
  • Are Democrats in complete panic mode?
  • Matt Lewis “digging up dirt” comment
  • @Lurchspun has a clever phrase “Shampeachment”
  • The word…”lynch” and other offensive words
  • Hong Kong government drops extradition bill

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