Episode 515 Scott Adams: Barr, Climate Change Totally Solved, Fine People “Truthers”


  • Al Sharpton rejects the “fine people” HOAX
  • MSNBC calls people debunking the “fine people” HOAX, “truthers”
    • I’m a “truther”…because I’m telling the truth
  • Barr’s Interpretation and debate on obstruction legal statute
  • Judge Napolitano’s odd legal opinion on obstruction
  • Did Russia really tell Maduro to stay in Venezuela?
    • Our government tells us that happened
    • Has our government ever lied to achieve results they desire?
  • ISIS founder, Al-Baghdadi video seems to prove he’s still alive
    • Is it really Al-Baghdadi, how would anyone know?
    • He says ISIS has been crushed on the battlefield
  • Which 2016 fears about President Trump have come true? None?
    • Nuclear war, economic disaster, Putin puppet, mental issues?
  • President Trump was NOT exonerated by Mueller?
    • All that looking for an indictable item, and none found
    • That’s awfully close to exoneration…isn’t it?
  • Gen 3 nuclear power plants, there are a LOT of them around world
    • ZERO meltdown issues with a 20 year track record
  • Statistician, Caleb Rossiter shot holes in AOC New Green Deal 
    • He accepts the basic science of climate change
    • BUT…he argues that the warming won’t be a disaster
  • Barr’s summary of the Mueller report
    • No underlying crimes by the President…per Mueller
    • Barr’s actions support an innocent person who was wrongly accused

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