Episode 396 Scott Adams: Weather, Border Barriers, Schultz, Kamala, Crime


  • Kamala’s town hall, she expressed her opinion on a topic
    • People explained to her why that opinion wasn’t practical
    • Kamala realized she was wrong and shifted her opinion
    • Changing her opinion to a better opinion, is a good sign
  • Morning Joe slobbered over Kamala’s charisma
    • Her supporters agree, competent answers, strong presence
  • Howard Schultz is on a book tour…and also running for President?
    • If he isn’t fake-running, it might destroy Starbucks
  • Howard Schultz is presenting as a “reasonable” Democrat
    • So CNN has 3 anti-Schultz stories this morning
  • Would you support people OPTIONALLY, anonymously…
    • giving up their personal health privacy…
    • …In return for them receiving free healthcare?
    • Data on health issues, lifestyles, solutions for all
  • Who has a lower crime rate…
    • People who wear MAGA hats?
    • People who have never worn a MAGA hat?
  • Risk management is different than what’s legal
    • Wearing a MAGA hat in public, increases your risk
    • Wearing a MAGA hat in public, is also legal
  • 70% tax rate for the wealthy, will that ever happen?
  • Climate change debate: Dumb skeptic arguments
    • The temperature has always changed, means nothing
    • CO2 and temperature not in sync…fake charts
    • So what if the earth is warming?  Warm is good!
    • CO2 is plant food, very true, also very dumb
    • Temperatures are NOT actually going up
    • Climate scientists are all part of a conspiracy!
  • Good skeptic arguments about climate change
    • The science alone is possible, but isn’t compelling
    • The scientists have added BS marketing concepts
      • Photo of a dead polar bear, that’s marketing

Episode 388 Scott Adams: SOTU, Venezuela, North Korea


  • Dems have destroyed the positive symbol of MAGA hats
    • Dems have successfully vilified the hat as a racist symbol
    • Wearing the hat invites physical or verbal harassment
  • President Trump waiting till shutdown is over for SOTU
    • Taking the high ground
    • Is he clearing his schedule, something big coming?
  • Venezuela meltdown and the possibility of American military
    • Venezuelan government is Pro-Iran, Pro-Cuban
    • Putin has assets in Venezuela

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