Episode 473 Scott Adams: All the “Ridiculous Bullsh*t” in the News Today


  • Adam Schiff has spent 2 years destabilizing America
    • Ironically, Schiff is a more likely Russian asset than POTUS
    • Couldn’t ANY DC politician be hoax-connected to Russia?
  • Mueller DID make a decision about obstruction 
  • Betsy DeVos Special Olympics budget cut, POTUS will override it
    • President Trump is now a savior of the Special Olympics
  • “Ridiculous bullshit” was a high impact persuasion phrase
  • Van Jones hired to help with prison reform movement
  • Few things benefit the economy more than employment
    • Few things benefit employment like education, trade or college
    • Payoff for investing in education, exceeds the cost
  • Marie Harf was pushing the “fine people” hoax yesterday on FOX
    • Why didn’t Martha MacCallum call her on that BS?
  • Is it true that drug prices haven’t gone up in last year? Huge if true
    • Cancer specialist on WhenHub Interface app, available
      • Specializes in finding, suggesting trial programs for patients
  • North Korea talks “sticking point”
    • Issue: How to get rid of their nuclear programs without doing that
    • Solution: Redirect to safer Gen IV nuclear power development
    • Practical solution, Chairman Kim saves face and also complies
    • North Korea could HELP America by developing Gen IV
  • Jussie Smollett nominated by NAACP for an image award

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