Episode 381 Scott Adams: Buzzfeed, Wall Negotiations, Needle Parks, Cartel Support for the Dems, Open Borders


  • CNN laments the Buzzfeed story falling apart
    • Unreliable authors working for non-credible Buzzfeed
    • Why did CNN breathlessly push the story till it collapsed?
  • Kill shot for the “immoral wall” position by Pelosi
  • “Negotiating with yourself” Classic negotiating error
    • Watch President Trump NOT make that mistake
    • Adding variables can get you past an impasse
  • At a conceptional level, open borders make sense
    • In the real world…open borders can be a nightmare
    • In a private conversation, does anyone believe in open borders?
  • Fact: Countries meddle in other countries elections
    • Mexican cartels bribe Mexican elected officials
    • Cartels likely already supporting the Dems
    • Dems must know that
    • Willingly or unknowingly, Dems have Cartel support
  • “Needle parks” discussion by Tucker Carlson and Mark Stein
    • They overlooked a MAJOR aspect of the topic
  • Judith Curry a powerful climate change skeptic, tweet reply
    • She agrees that average citizen cannot determine the truth

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