Episode 705 Scott Adams: Special Guest @NorteyTX About Trump, Then #Rotfrancisco, Favors Versus Quid Pro Quo

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  • Special Guest James Nortey debates Scott
    • Is President Trump a “Master Persuader”?
    • Wall? What wall?
    • Is “bullying” good or bad, is it persuasion, good strategy?
  • President Trump’s clever visual contrast persuasion tweet
    • Nancy Pelosi and “rotting” San Francisco
  • Favors are the OPPOSITE of quid pro quo
    • How far can impeachment go…without quid pro quo?
  • General Flynn’s initial strategic withdrawal and new developments

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Episode 124: Children in Cages (I.e. Democrats), New Master Persuader, socialism, NK and More


  • NBC report on NK cheating per “intelligence sources”
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a master persuader
  • Child like views of solutions for complex problems
  • President Trump’s adult view of cost and benefits
  • The root problem of gang controlled countries


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