Episode 1422 Scott Adams: Science Versus Fart Analogies – Who do You Trust More?

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  • 135,000 Mayor vote miscount in NYC
  • Racial composition of jury invalidates verdict?
  • Jake Tapper, Don Lemon on their sad ratings 
  • Gwen Berry’s Olympics confusion
  • Odd Trump organization tax issues
  • NSA statement on Tucker Carlson

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Episode 375 Scott Adams: Putin Puppets CNN and Max Boot Doing Russia’s Bidding by Destabilizing the U.S.


  • CNN’s reaction to President Trump denying he’s a Russian asset
    • First CNN pushes, promotes Russian asset story
    • Now they are gasping in horror he has to deny their BS?
  • Max Boot’s article, 18 reasons President might be Russian asset
    • Laundry list of unrelated stuff other people did or said
  • CNN seems to have given up on Mueller
    • CNN is creating the news they’re reporting

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