Episode 648 Scott Adams: Gun Crimes, #FentanylChina


  • President Trump’s joke-jab tweet about Iran’s rocket explosion
  • Banning Muslim immigration…
    • …till we figure out what’s going on
  • Should we ban gun sales to white males under age 50…
    • …till we figure out what’s going on?
  • Straight-Pride Parade yesterday
    • Is “pride” the wrong word?
  • 340,000 Chinese students currently studying in the US
    • Send 1 home for each American Fentanyl death?
  • Rep. Max Rose proposing sanctions on China for Fentanyl
  • Joe Biden’s forgetfulness and older candidate mental concerns
  • The polls are clear…
    • Any Democrat candidate can beat President Trump
    • Does ANYONE really believe that?
  • @Teachable has tools for creating a class you can post online
    • One class creator made $550,000 in ONE DAY
  • “Life Strategies”, skills benefiting people in the workplace
    • An Elon Musk course, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett?

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