Episode 210 Scott Adams: Talking to Dr. Shiva About How to Lower Healthcare Costs


  • Dr. Shiva suing to be included in debates with Elizabeth Warren
  • Options to lower healthcare costs and improve quality of care
  • Direct pay models provide better care and lower costs
  • Current $800 per month cost can come down to $200
  • “GPOs” Group Purchasing Organizations artificially inflate costs
  • Originally a cost reduction concept
  • Now an unchallenged source of insanely inflated prices
  • There’s only 3 GPOs, and they’re planning to merge with the big insurance companies
  • NIH funding system and peer review journals need to be changed
  • Einstein’s opinion: Peers are the biggest critics of innovation
  • Peer review journal system is anti-innovation
  • Laws and incentives drive a lack of primary care physicians
  • Incentives drive physicians to join large medical organizations
  • State and Fed law changes to increase independent doctors
  • Dr. Shiva: Medical cannabis should be decriminalized and studied

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