Episode 645 Scott Adams: Talking About Politics, AI, and Brain Hacking


  • Mexican military clashes with illegals at Mexico’s southern border
    • Does Mexico need a…WALL on their southern border?
    • Would it cost Mexico LESS in the long-run to build…a wall?
  • Democrat candidates review…how they’re doing, what to expect
  • If Biden drops out…
    • …who will absorb his African-American supporters?
  • James Mattis new book’s criticism of  President Trump
  • Lawrence O’Donnell’s report and retraction, Maddow’s reaction
  • Elon Musk, Jack Ma debate AI potential
  • Software developer pushback against the Simulation Theory
    • Creative people vs software developer mindsets
  • Is the universe old enough to justify the theory of evolution?
  • Computers will never have “souls”…people don’t have them either
  • Whiteboard Talk: Mental Hacks
    • ReProgramming your own brain
    • EASY personal preference modification

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