Episode 560 Scott Adams: Mexico Deal, Housing Emergency, Crazy George Conway, Magic Mushrooms

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  • Why does George Conway do what he does?
  • Jim Acosta’s book is called “Enemy of the People”
  • Oberlin college race HOAX…big award for victimized bakery
  • Analyst’s climate change PREDICTIONS blocked…NOT FACTS
  • Mexican tariffs story in the NYT and CNN, as they pay for the wall
  • Ben Carson says we have a fixable housing emergency 
    • What regulations can we change or remove…to fix that?
    • Bill Pulte has the answers, or can find them, enlist Bill to help?
  • 180 Business leaders say it’s bad for their business to restrict abortions
  • AOC has good aspirational stuff, LEARN from her technique
    • AOC want’s to limit lobbyists…and Ted Cruz agrees
    • AOC wants magic mushrooms medically studied
    • AOC says why not get rid of birth control restrictions?
    • AOC says she’s open to nuclear as part of a GND solution
  • FYI…AOC won a future Democrat leaders event…and then ran for office
  • Erik Finman, crypto-millionaire, notes WHEN Token is “underrated”