Episode 104: Propaganda Videos, Peace with NK and Racism


  • President Trump’s video for Chairman Kim
    • “Enemy press” is painting it as weird and ineffective
    • Persuasion works…even when you understand the techniques being used on you
  • Dave Rubin’s interview with Sam Harris
    • Sam is developing an affection for people on right
    • In general, the people on the right are the nicest
    • Generally, people on the right are nicer to me, even when we disagree
    • Prioritizing the truth
    • Prioritizing the best result
  • In politics, facts don’t matter
    • Reason and truth work in almost every realm of life…except politics
    • Politics has ALWAYS been 100% BS
    • President Trump just does more of it…and better than anyone else
    • The outcome is better results
  • Hit piece by Michael Martin of Metro
    • Personal identity
    • Group identity


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