Episode 684 Scott Adams: Biden, Pillaging, Pelosi’s Boss, Failed Whataboutism

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  • Michael R. Gordon’s observation about President Trump rings true
  • Biden families “pillaging” of other countries
  • Unqualified board members…is that normal?
  • A tell for lying…depersonalization
    • What it means and how to spot it
  • Bernie’s health episode is a “cat’s on the roof” situation
    • Bernie’s VP choice is extra important
    • His heart attack eliminates second term likelihood
  • CNN’s weak whataboutism…Trump’s kids?
  • Warren dumps campaign aid for inappropriate behavior
  • Biden worried President Trump…
    • …MIGHT do something bad in the future?
  • President Trump paints Pelosi as a puppet of AOC + three
    • Masterful persuasion techniques 
  • President Trump’s proclamation
    • Aliens must show they can afford their own healthcare
  • Loserthink helps you spot bad thinking in yourself and others

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