Episode 512 Scott Adams: PART 1 Pro-Nuclear Environmentalist and Expert Michael Shellenberger


  • Guest: Michael Shellenberger, nuclear power expert, environmentalist
  • France: 75% nuclear powered, less pollution created, lower costs
  • Germany: Abandoned nuclear, 50% higher energy costs, more pollution
  • Sunless, windless days make those alternative possibilities unreliable
    • Both requires batteries, lots and lots of batteries
    • Environmental cost of batteries
    • Unreliable producers of energy
  • Michael Shellenberger: We should stick with and develop
    • light water cooled nuclear solutions, not Gen IV
  • Bill Gates has embraced Gen IV research and development
    • 12 startups are pursuing Gen IV technology
  • Nuclear energy is promoted as safer, cleaner than coal
    • Congressional support for development is bipartisan
  • Climate change people fear that more than nuclear concerns
    • If you’re pro-science, nuclear power is the best known answer
    • Solar and wind will NEVER provide world’s power needs

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