Episode 670 Scott Adams: Sipping & Talking Biden, Brownface, Children in Charge of Big Decisions

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  • Justin Trudeau and Canadian blackface?
  • Children…the dumbest, least experienced humans
    • Why are we looking to children for leadership?
  • Houthis have promised NOT to use weapons they don’t possess
  • Naval…the smartest person in the world, brilliant tweet
    • “Panopticon” see on Twitter, @Naval
  • Ukraine controversy is a good example of…
    • …Is it GOOD news, or BAD news? We can’t tell
  • Bill Maher and his bobblehead panel omit REASONS
  • Elizabeth Warren adds to list of reasons she’ll never be POTUS
  • Dan Crenshaw tweets a pro-nuclear position
    • Booker and Yang are both pro-nuclear
    • Mark Schneider and Mike Shellenberger have succeeded
  • Candace Owens Farmer RIPS left-leaning person in hearing
    • You can SEE her patiently waiting, collecting energy
      • …And then, it was her turn to speak

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