Episode 475 Scott Adams Part1: Obstructing Hoaxes, Biden and Bernie, Healthcare, Russia, Hamas


  • Obama admin Russian Collusion investigators…
    • …may have also been running the Russian collusion hoax?
    • Is obstructing them (if true), obstruction of justice?
  • Our opinions are assigned to us by the media we follow
    • Our opinions tend to match the news we follow
  • Did Mark Schneider save the world?
    • Senators and Congressional people follow me
    • Did they see and understand Gen IV concepts here? 
    • Mark is my guest here on Periscope, Tuesday April 2nd
    • Mark Schneider: @SubSchneider Nuclear Expert
  • NO experience has become a Presidential candidate qualifier
    • Obama had almost no political experience
    • Biden’s long record is a target rich environment
  • Bernie’s head injury and…Bernie’s political policies
  • Kamala is protected so far, no Dems are coming after her
    • After all the white males are taken out, she’ll be the candidate
  • Hamas support seems to waning across the Muslim world
    • HOW and WHEN did the Russia investigation begin?
  • ONE person, hand-picked four people to decide if Russia hacked election
    • Did ONE person (James Clapper) shape the conclusion?
    • Four intelligence people…NOT 17 intelligence agencies

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