Episode 334 Scott Adams: Wondering if we got Everything Wrong About Russia


  • Is the Russian government unorganized and incompetent?
  • Putin personally checked…says Maria Butina isn’t a spy
    • Does Putin know everything going on in Russia?
    • Did he know somebody spent $4,700 on election influence?
  • Prince Salman, was he in on the detailed planning?
    • Or did he just give a generic “silence him” order? 
  • Mika Brzezinski calls Mike Pompeo a “Butt Boy”
    • Homophobic insensitivity?
  • Democrats: Women and men who believe in the superiority of women
  • Millennials influenced by social media entering the job market
  • Pro Tip: You deserve NO credit for accomplishments of others…
    • …who happen to have the same skin pigmentation as you
    • …who happen to have the same genitalia as you 
  • Judging people by their mistakes is “loser think”
    • How they handle their mistakes is what matters
  • 20 Year Rule of Forgiveness:
    • Don’t judge people by anything they did or said 20 years ago
    • Let people grow, evolve, improve

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