Episode 665 Scott Adams: The Guy Who Saved the Planet, #TwitterPhilanthropy, Pancakes, Iran

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  • Special Guest: Mr. Gomez, the selected winner of $1,000
    • a teacher who uses “Talent Stack” concepts
  • CNN article frames nuclear as USED TO BE dangerous
  • Mark Schneider, Mike Shellenberger deserve a LOT of credit
  • NYT Kavanaugh smear story, it was the NYT editor’s error?
    • A NYT top-tier editor accidentally did that?
  • Is Mollie Hemingway the most effective communicator on the right?
  • Pancakegate, funniest ridiculous anti-Trump story circulating
  • Shane Gillis, fired for being a comedian
  • Tim Xeriland’s well done video with audio overlay of me (ref. Nike)
  • Iran’s attack on Aramco was reportedly cruise missiles
    • What was the motivation for a seemingly really bad move?

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