Episode 1569 Scott Adams: How We Confuse Politics With Mental Health Problems. They Are Actually Different


  • Elon Musk, future Robot Lord of the Universe
  • Bill Maher hammers Democrats hard
  • MSNBC, toxic narcissists and overt racists?
  • Whiteboard1: Left versus Right
  • Rittenhouse case, a Rosetta Stone
  • The Mother Cuffing FBI
  • Whiteboard2: Data = Steaming Pile

Episode 1568 Scott Adams: Rittenhouse Verdict Causes Massive Cognitive Dissonance on the Left


  • Biden’s health exam, but no cognitive test?
  • Rittenhouse was charged BEFORE investigation?
  • ACLU, completely corrupted 
  • Jerry Nadler seeks federal charges against Kyle
  • MSNBC after the Rittenhouse verdict
  • GoFundMe policy, NO defense funds?
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