Episode 632 Scott Adams: HOAX #5


  • NYT says it will frame future news as Trump racism
    • Trusted by the left, the NYT is going to promote racism?
  • Things you need to believe, in order to be a Democrat
  • Who won the costumed sporting event in Portland yesterday?
    • Proud Boys vs Antifa
    • NO coverage at all…on CNN or MSNBC
      • People on the left…are NOT hearing key news
  • Bill Maher slams anti-Israel BDS and Democrats for supporting it
    • Bill Maher’s potential conversion to Trump supporter
  • Did President Obama really tell Biden “you don’t have to do this”?
  • Being opposed to Antifa…does NOT mean you support racists
    • Why can’t you be against Antifa and ALSO be against fascists?
  • Reframing in a stupid world
    • Nationalism vs Racism
    • Nationalism by its nature is protective of American citizens
    • Anti-Racists…or AntiRA vs Antifa?
  • If your primary filter for the world is race…you’re a racist


  1. Russian Collusion HOAX
  2. Fine People HOAX
  3. Kavanaugh HOAX
  4. Covington HOAX
  5. Orange Man causes racism, not the fake news

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