Episode 681 Scott Adams: Frickin’ Alligators and Snakes in Border Moats, Leg Shooting, Kamala’s New Staff

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  • Does Kamala have new/better advisors now?
    • Kamala’s major problems…are ALL fixable
  • Snakes and alligators in a border moat? Oh my!
    • Shooting people in the legs to slow them down? Oh my!
  • The Office of Nuclear Energy @GovNuclear, good follow
    • Interesting note…they follow Mark Schneider
  • Whiteboard: revegetating the Sahara to prevent hurricanes
  • Nature journal paper on climate change…RETRACTED
    • Mathematician Nicholas Lewis challenged the math
    • NO climate scientists caught the error?
  • President Trump congratulating China on their 70th anniversary
  • Secretary of State Pompeo on a call to foreign leader? So what?
  • “Rebranding impeachment as a coup”…is that fair?

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