Episode 444 Scott Adams: Sports Are Broken, Trump’s Best Week Ever, Moderate Bernie


  • “Old Nads” document blizzard request to 81 people
    • Even the Democrats know this is way beyond legitimate
    • Michael Caputo’s refusal to comply, all should follow his lead
  • Cognitive Dissonance Tell – Word Salad
    • Example: David Pakman and the “Fine People Hoax”
  • Fine People Hoax – President Trump called people on both sides of the STATUE question “fine people”.
    • Trying to deprogram people who believe the “Fine People Hoax”
  • North Korea might be fixing up a worrisome facility, negotiating 101
  • Bernie proposals now seem moderate in comparison to others
  • Capitalism delivers what socialism promises
  • Sports and trans-athletes competing, winning
    • Performance enhancing drugs
  • Jim Carrey’s artwork and artistic talent

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