Episode 1535 Scott Adams: You Won’t Want to Miss Today’s Show Because it Will be Awesome Like Usual


  • Trucking shortage reasons
  • Facebook is changing their name and focus
  • 53% say others making Biden’s decisions
  • Ron DeSantis always hits the mark
  • Confirmed dead from the vaccination
  • Vaccination and cognitive dissonance
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Episode 495 Scott Adams: Mueller, Sleepy Joe, Crazy Bernie, 3D Printed People, Peace Breaking Out Everywhere


  • Crazy Bernie and Sleepy Joe, may God rest their souls
  • FOX News shutting down discussion of other church fires, desecration
  • Examples where the truth is harmful, truth versus strategy
    • Sometimes, the truth isn’t your best option
  • How to get the most from “white people”
    • Tell them what they want to hear, even if you don’t believe it
  • Donna Brazille now on FOX News and The Five
  • Kim Foxx texts on Jussie Smollett case and decisions
  • Pro-Nuclear Presidential candidates, no Gen IV supporters yet though
    • Interesting debates coming if some embrace, some reject
  • General Keane: this is first time Pakistan pushing Taliban to make peace
  • Anonymous source: North Korea processing nuclear stuff
    • Might not be true, but how much should we care if it’s true? 
    • President Trump is a very special, unique opportunity for peace
  • Mueller report: Information changes very few opinions
    • Facts just don’t matter, few will change their opinion
  • 100 years from now
    • What will our tech look like, what will we be able to do?
    • 3D printing of human brains, Star Trek transporter potential
  • Star Trek Discovery, best of all so far, now in their 2nd season

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