Episode 338 Scott Adams: Imaginary Presidential Risk, LBGTQ Under Trump, Inauguration Expenses


  • CNN says Trump Hotel in Washington overcharged campaign
    • Every hotel charges as much as they can get…so what?
    • No better place to hold the event, negotiation advantage
  • Reading CNN for the jokes…
    • Trumps worst nightmare!
    • Devastating revelations!
  • Highly qualified lawyers are debating IF actions were illegal
    • NOT debating guilt, they’re debating if a crime exists
  • LGBTQ pushback on my opinion yesterday
    • Trump’s live and let live attitude has fostered acceptance
    • No more anti-gay talk from the GOP
    • Pence has been silenced in support of President Trump
  • Transgender in the military
    • Discrimination in the military is by design and universal preference
    • Is it just a cost consideration?
  • Twitter photoshopped Nazi images gone in one day…thank you!
    • Google still shows the images in top 10 results
    • Are there other racist images allowed on Google?
  • The “network effect” of social media platforms
    • If all your friends are on a platform…so are you
    • New platforms have difficulty replacing existing ones
  • An app to auto-post tweets to multiple social media platforms
    • No comments, just the original tweets

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