Episode 409 Scott Adams: The News is Becoming Friendlier to President Trump Lately


  • Border budget negotiators report they might approve 2Billion
    • Tell us what the EXPERTS say we need, and what it costs
    • Is what you’re approving…what the experts say is needed?
  • Nobody cares about “percentages of crime”, when they’re a victim
    • I’ve been robbed but it’s okay.  I’m in a low crime area
  • Annexing Mexico into America, should we?
    • The cartels are running the country to a large degree
  • “Turnaround Groups” for stabilization of failing countries?
    • UN controlled, a country applies to them for assistance
    • A neutral organization of turnaround specialists goes in
    • Limited time, they do a government reorganization
    • NO outside military presence imposing new government
  • Mike Cernovich and the New Green Deal
    • Mike says the New Green Deal is brilliant
    • They’re big ideas that we have no idea how to accomplish
    • The fact that it’s impossible is what focuses energy
  • Republicans SHOULD embrace the New Green Deal objectives
    • Less regulations and other conservative ideals mesh nicely
  • If we have functional fusion energy within 20 years…
    • …will you still be concerned about climate change?
  • The personal relationship between Kim Jong-Un and President Trump
    • President Trump removed the REASON for NK nukes
    • What other American President could have credibly said…
    • …Hey Kim, let’s be friends!

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