Episode 743 Scott Adams: The No Malarkey Tour, OK Doomer, No One is Above the Law, Finger Biting

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  • Creating viral tweets and the 6 dimensions of humor
  • Joe Biden’s “No Malarkey” bus tour
  • Mark Schneider’s clever comeback for climate-change fearful…
    • …“OK Doomer
  • The persuasion power of short powerful phrases
    • No one is above the law”…
    • …a persuasive reason to look into possible Biden corruption
  • Newsweek reporter fired, false report on President’s Thanksgiving
    • Gell-Mann amnesia effect

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Episode 487 Scott Adams: Assange, Kerry vs Massie on Climate Change, Barr on Spying


  • Newsweek, most despicable headline in history?
    • Candace headline in landscape versus portrait mode
  • Oliver Stone tweets his support for SAFE Gen IV Nuclear Power
    • Stone says wind and solar doesn’t have same potential
  • Julian Assange arrested
    • Obama commuted his co-conspirator, Chelsea Manning
    • Does Pro-Trump Assange have juicy info?
  • Kim Kardashian wants to become a lawyer, pursue activism
    • Huge respect for her as a hard working, good person 
    • Like Kanye, she’s a VERY hard worker, deserves respect 
  • “Predicated” reasons for the spying, was spying justified?
    • We’re past the question of whether or not spying happened
  • Cringe-worthy climate change testimony
    • MIT Engineer Rep. Massie’s weak climate change challenge
    • Kerry’s answer wasn’t so smart or informed either, embarrassing
  • OUT OF CONTEXT propaganda hits
    • Candace taken out of context on Hitler, propaganda hit
    • “Fine People” hoax was an out of context propaganda hit
    • “Animals” hoax was an out of context propaganda hit
    • The media and both political parties do it ALL THE TIME
  • Tony Heller and climate change skepticism
  • Michael Mann mocking me for my lack of scientific understanding
  • Open question: The troposphere isn’t warming as CC predicts – True?

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