Episode 1126 Scott Adams: Why Democrats Can’t Predict Well, Our Non-Credible Election, Gingrich and Soros, Science Goes Subjective

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  • John Kerry, spectacularly wrong
  • AG Barr rioter comments
  • Ross Gerber explains contested election paths
  • AI has already taken over and found how to reproduce
  • MSNBC, nothing but crazy mind-reading
  • Newt Gingrich can’t mention George Soros on FOX?

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Episode 786 Scott Adams: Reprogramming Iran From the Simulation Control Room

My new book LOSERTHINK, available now on Amazon https://tinyurl.com/rqmjc2a


  • FISA court overseer announced…David Kris? 
  • Fact checking President Trump’s speculation
  • Iran media appears to have turned against the government
  • Newt Gingrich: American policy should be “aggressively pro-Iranian”
  • Iranian Supreme Leader calls for increased cooperation in region
  • “Impulsive”…debunked, “reckless”…well, working good so far
  • Harry and Meghan

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Episode 255 Scott Adams: Trump’s Moral Code, the Two Movies, Angry Dems, Walls


  • Drug sniffing dogs are effective at detecting Fentanyl
  • Can we train our family dogs to do that if we have teenagers?
  • Continuing uproar over Bakari Sellers and CNN panel Kanye comments
  • Juan Williams statement about universal health care
  • Juan says it will save money
  • Conservatives says it will cost 32 trillion dollars
  • Newt Gingrich believes the wall will help with Fentanyl trafficking
  • A social process for convincing others to register and vote
  • Dems have decided that they need to be more like President Trump
  • Universal health care is a Trump-like “big ask” to begin negotiations
  • In capitalism, if you have negotiating leverage…you use it
  • The “theatre of Trump” is intentional and effective
  • Hillary “never got it”
  • Rand Paul and Kanye get it
  • Managing ego is an important skill that President Trump and Kanye share
  • Replacing Nikki Haley with Dina Powell?

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Newt’s Plan to Defeat ISIS

    Newt Gingrich has a plan to defeat ISIS by destroying the technology in ISIS-held territory. I described a similar approach in this post.

    The interesting part of this approach is that it frames the enemy as something from the past. This is more about persuasion than death. All we’d be doing is destroying the technology (and anyone standing near it) that did not originate within Islam. That seems fair to me.

    Read Newt’s idea and mine. Some version of this kind of thinking is the answer.

    If you think Newt’s idea is similar in some ways to mine, you should read my book. Everything in that book is similar to the way I write.