Episode 414 Scott Adams: The Mueller Non-Report, Wall Funding, Russian Oligarchs, GND Vote


  • Wall committee result ignores the recommendations of the experts
  • President Trump has authority to accept the wall budget…
    • …and THEN declare a national emergency for the balance
    • He also has authority to get money from other budgets
  • El Chapo is guilty, his 14B could possibly be grabbed for the wall
  • We’ve “made a list” of Russian Oligarchs
    • What’s it mean if you’re on that list?  Nothing, it’s just a list
    • BUT, it’s great psychology…we COULD do something
  • McConnell taking AOC’s NGD to a floor vote, with a grin
    • The plan is completely impractical but popular with Dems
    • Now they’ll be on record for or against the impracticality
    • The NGD is brilliant for persuasion, but not practical for vote
  • Jennifer Rubin, possibly the least credible writer working today
    • She calls Beto’s rally speech “soaring rhetoric”
    • Some thought he looked like a college frat boy on cocaine
  • CNN’s unreadably boring story about their original Mueller reports
  • Cory Booker the vegan, eliminates his chance at the Presidency

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