Episode 474 Scott Adams: Trump Solving Climate Change, Mueller TDS, Creepy Joe


  • Bill Gates tweets bi-partisan group of Senators announcement
    • (Clean, Safe Nuclear Power) Nuclear Energy Leadership Act
    • Gen IV nuclear power isn’t subject to meltdown
  • “AOC sucks!” Chant at Trump rally
    • Her persuasion skill set is solid, don’t underestimate her
  • Barr’s 4 page summary being called possibly diff than Mueller report
  • CNN poll on Mueller exonerating President Trump
    • 86% said Mueller results won’t impact their vote
  • The Left have no options to hear the real news
    • Right leaning media offers more of the other sides views
  • Polls show Biden is the clear preference of people on the left
    • Media and the DNC elite prefer Kamala
    • The people’s preference, or the media’s preference?
  • Kamala doesn’t come across as warm and genuine

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